The Windows 10 operating system is the operating system chosen from all operating systems released by Microsoft Windows. Windows 10 was launched in 2015, but continuous improvements with monthly, major, and semi-annual updates have made Windows 10 one of the most innovative, stable, and secure operating systems available for purchase. You can purchase the Windows 10 operating system in Home, Professional, Enterprise, Education, and Professional editions for Workstation. In the next article, we will look in more detail at the available versions of Windows 10, especially the Home version, and check how this version of Windows 10 is classified. What is Windows 10 Home in OEM version, ESD version and BOX version. We will respond to Windows 10 - 32 or 64 - How to update Windows 10 Home Edition Pro.

Windows housing price
 10 versions can be seen as follows:

Windows 10 House - This version is available for home users that include only basic features,
Windows 10 Professional is an operating system purchased by advanced users and companies,
Windows 10 Enterprise - a cancer version of additional features available in additional LTSC and LTSP versions,
Windows 10 Education is Windows 10, a copy dedicated to schools and schools,
Windows 10 Pro for the station - especially version designed for users, such as customers of workplace with great processors and resources. Windows 10 Edition S is in fact the most common version of Windows 10. The more limited version was designed primarily for the educational market, educational institutions. Due to strict restrictions, the S version does not allow you to install any apps outside the Microsoft Store. You can forget about installing additional software like Steam, Orgin, etc. The operating system of the S version is so limited that even Microsoft Edge cannot replace the internal browser, and the control panel and registry editor cannot be used. Windows 10 S Edition is an option for weak and low-performance computers. It is a safe form for children and the elderly who cannot download malware on their computer due to limited computer performance. Windows S is actually one of the most secure computer versions due to system limitations. The price of Windows 10 depends not only on the chosen version of the operating system, but also on the number of workstations, process architecture and the version of OEM, ESD, box license.

Price of Windows
 10 Home Edition
Windows Home, like Windows Professional, is one of the best-selling versions of Windows 10. What is the difference between these versions?

As a rule,
 the home version is purchased by home users and small businesses who are not looking for advanced solutions. In practice, the choice between Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro - Professional depends on the environment in which the operating system is used. If your company uses an Active Directory, you should immediately decide to purchase Windows Pro. Windows 10 Pro also means advanced and additional features like BitLocker, which allows you to effectively protect corporate information in the event of a cyber attack or loss / theft of a particular device.

When is the home version enough? If you’re using Windows 10 in a small business and don’t need extra features, the home version is usually enough. With it, you can download and run all applications, including those outside the Microsoft Store, you can browse the Internet, share files, use the Office suite, sync settings, sync cloud updates, use OneDrive. Before you change the price of the selected versions, let's see what new features have been presented by Windows 10 compared to previous versions:

The start of the
 menu administration and the cross is easy.
The most visual
 interface, the ability to adjust the straps with tags based on height and width,
An additional section
 of wrinkle stripes is for a tile with the right side of wrinkles and reserved wrinkles, for tiles used on the left side,
The menu -panel allows you to secure dynamic
 and animated tiles, news, weather, distractions, widgets
Correct computer
 search engine,
The formation of a soft window,
In addition:
 notification panels located in the lower right corner allows you to go directly to the performance: settings, places, night screen or wireless links,
From this message
 Microsoft has been featured in Home Windows 10: The most comprehensive and efficient Microsoft Edge Recovery that converts its innovative extension. Made for face recognition and fingerprints. Gordana, a personal assistant to help you use Windows. Continue - Useful tablet mode, touch panels are still soft. Windows Holygraphic or Holles is a website that supports holographic glasses.
 10 at home and is different in prices. Users who purchase the home version should consider the price of PLN 229 per seat in a permanent license for the OEM Home Windows 10 system. Customers who decide to purchase the Pro version in the simple version of Windows 10 Pro ESD will have to spend from PLN . 189 for the purchase of a license for 1 position in the version of a permanent license. As you can see, the price difference depends on the choice of a specific purchase version - OEM, ESD, BOX. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between these versions.

Windows 10 Home OEM pricing
The version of the Windows 10 operating system in the OEM option is the main hardware. This version is much cheaper than the traditional Windows 10 with an installation disk and box. The OEM version means buying custom code without installing a CD. We usually get this type of operating system by purchasing a selected device with Windows 10 already installed on the OEM option. The OEM version is directly assigned to the device for its specifications, so it can only be used on one device, so this license is much cheaper than other versions, such as the ESD version or the BOX standard.

If you want to sell your license after purchasing a laptop, you can do so only by selling your laptop or desktop computer. According to the specifications of Windows 10, the system does not require a restart, and if you want, you can always go back to factory settings, cancel the additional patch update, or extend the six months with system notifications. Windows 10 can be installed multiple times on a device, e.g. In case of replacement of parts like baseboard, Windows system disk, etc. Price of Windows 10 Home ESD
What is the ESD version of Windows 10 Home? This is an electronic copy of the Windows 10 operating system that a user receives after purchasing a computer (usually through an online store) and receiving an electronic Windows 10 download link registered at the time of purchase. The product thus purchased is the original operating system, just as Windows 10 is purchased in a boxed version, only in a digital version, cheaper than the standard BOX. In the email with the link, you will also receive an activation code that is automatically generated for each user. Such solutions deliver the purchased product to your email address within minutes.

The ESD version, unlike the OEM version, is not tied to a specific device, so when you switch computers, you don’t need to buy it with a new Windows, just install the current Windows 10 on the new computer. The ESD license has many advantages, the most important of which is the price, which is significantly lower than the boxed version, but more expensive than the dedicated OEM version of the device.

Windows 10 Home price box
BOX Edition is the most expensive option to purchase a boxed version of the operating system. This version includes a box with installation in the form of a CD and an activation key that is separately released for this boxed version. BOX versions can be transferred between later devices, optionally resold (after previously deactivation on the previous device) and reinstalled on another device. The BOX version is the most expensive version and the least purchased to date. Often, customers choose digital versions of ESD that can be used independently and installed on new devices. This version is not a specific device, so you are free to modify and resell it if you do not need to use it.

Price of 32-bit Windows 10 Home
Windows 10 is available in two versions of the operating system - 32-bit and 64-bit, which means how the computer works and works efficiently. What are the differences between these versions?

32-bit system:

Memory support up to 4 GB,
Effectively performs less complex tasks.
up to 2 GB of virtual memory,
makes your computer less secure,
The 32-bit version has fewer components.
On a 32-bit architecture, no single process can exceed 2 GB. Windows 32 works best where the system needs to run more complex processes. When choosing this type of system, it should be remembered that today many programs and games usually offer architecture at the level of the 64-bit version. 64-bit system:

Memory support up to 192 GB,
efficient operation of programs that use memory intensively,
Up to 8 terabytes of virtual memory,
Many other improvements to protect the operating system,
Options that allow you to use a wide range of games and programs.
The 64-bit system is one of the most popular today. More efficient system operation, support for multi-threaded programs, performance of complex tasks, work in several processes simultaneously. The 64-bit version works well with graphics, audio and video applications. Of course, it is worth remembering the most popular computer games, which today often require the use of a 64-bit system.

The price of upgrading from Windows 10 Home to Pro
Want to upgrade Windows Home to Pro? Nothing comes easy. Just buy the Pro version from the online store. If you already have a professional activation code, you just need to click the Start button, then click Settings -> Update and Security -> Activation. Then select the option - Change Product Key. Now all you have to do is enter your 25-character product key and select Next. Windows 10 Pro version is now active and ready to use.