• ESET Smart Security Premium KEY - 1 year for 1 position

ESET Smart Security Premium KEY - 1 year for 1 position

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Protect your data with ESET Smart Security Premium license key

In this day and age, data is your most precious resource. As more and more user information is available online and the number of threats lurking in cyberspace is constantly growing, don’t take any risks – choose a trusted security system. Buy an ESET product key and use your device without fear of falling victim to hackers.


Apart from protection against common forms of cyberattacks, such as phishing or malware, and performance optimization tools, ESET Smart Security Premium license key UK offers special security measures during online activities, premium protection, such as password manager, ESET LiveGuard and data encryption, as well as monitoring tools for your devices and network.


Every device, even the ones kept for personal use, should be protected against malicious software. Hackers may try to lay their hands on your private files or sensitive information and use them to blackmail you or to clear out your bank account. ESET antivirus software not only provides protection from all well-known threats, but thanks to machine learning solutions it may also detect and block new, yet undiscovered forms of attack. All that without taking a toll on your PC’s performance.


ESET Smart Security Premium key also provides safety during browser use. A firewall protects user’s data and assures extra protection whenever logins and passwords are involved. What’s more, the program eliminates spam that may infect your computer or simply be a nuisance.


The product will provide you with full control over your network and devices, including parental control and tracking functions. Thanks to monthly reports, you’ll be fully informed of the encountered threats, dangerous websites, and blocked activities.


ESET Smart Security Premium license key 2022– your privacy deserves a premium treatment

One of the features included in this ESET Smart Security Premium license key is the option to encrypt your files or external drives. That way, your privacy will be protected even if you happen to lose one of your devices.


Another precaution you may use to avoid being hacked is a password manager – a great tool that requires you to remember only one main password in order to access the login details for all your accounts. It can also generate unique passwords that substantially decrease the probability of a break-in. ESET Smart Security Premium license key for the United Kingdom also includes ESET LiveGuard. This advanced tool can detect potential new forms of malware and test them using ESET HQ Cloud. As hackers never cease to devise new schemes and traps, this function may prove to be a real lifesaver!


Get your ESET cheap key within a few minutes

ESET Smart Security Premium 2022 for the UK market can be used on any device with Windows, macOS or Android. The license covers 1 position for the period of 3 years. Once purchased, the key will immediately be sent to your email address – there’s no need to wait for a package or cover delivery costs. Just download the program, activate it, and join the well-protected community!



ESET - Version Comparison



Eset Nod32 Antivirus 2022

 Eset Internet Security 2022

 Eset Smart Security Premium 2022

Protected operating systems

Windows, macOS Windows, macOS, Android Windows, macOS, Android

Protection against malware, ransomware and phishing

✔️ ✔️ ✔️

Network and smart device protection

  ✔️ ✔️

Data protection and banking protection

  ✔️ ✔️

Encryption of sensitive data

Network and smart device protection     ✔️

Password management


Secure password storage
Passwords so they are always

Protects your valuable files,
photos, music and documents
on your computer

  Eset Smart Security Premium 2022 - Leave the viruses to us. Our award-winning detection technology works its best, even for sophisticatedly disguised or encrypted malware. The Exploit Blocker protects against targeted malware attacks, and thanks to the advanced memory scanner, no virus goes undetected.

Antivirus and antispyware
Comprehensive protection against all types of threats, including viruses, rootkits and spyware.

Protects you from fraudulent websites that want to access your personal information such as usernames, passwords or bank details.

Ransomware Shield
Blocks ransomware that tries to encrypt your system and data and then demand a ransom for decryption.

UEFI Scanner
Protects UEFI systems from threats that attack your computer before the operating system even boots.

Exploit Blocker
Protects you from hidden malware attacks, especially screen locker Trojans and ransomware. Protects against attacks on web browsers, PDF readers and other applications, including Java-based software.

Cloud Scanning
Enhances protection against previously unknown malware by matching behavioral patterns with a cloud-based reputation database.

The best protection for you and your loved ones

It protects you against unauthorized access to your passwords. Your banking and financial transactions are also protected from data thieves. With integrated parental controls, websites can be filtered by age. Enjoy other useful protection features!

Secure data Antivirus - Eset Smart Security Premium 2022 Enables encryption of folders and removable media, e.g. USB sticks. It protects against data theft in the event of a lost USB key or laptop and enables secure collaboration and data exchange.

Password manager It helps you store and organize your passwords, autofill forms, and generate extra-strong, encrypted passwords for added security.

Personal firewall
Prevents outsiders from accessing your system and thus misusing your data.

Secure home network
Checks your home WLAN router and smart devices on your network for vulnerabilities such as outdated firmware and offers various troubleshooting options. This feature also shows all devices connected to the router (smartphone, IoT, etc.).

Optimizes secure online banking and payments
It protects the user on online banking sites and makes financial transactions more secure. Encrypts information sent from the keyboard to the browser, protecting against keyboard spies, so-called keyloggers.

Webcam Protection
Monitors all processes and applications running on your computer to prevent unauthorized access to your webcam. Unexpected access attempts are reported to the user and can be blocked immediately.

Botnet Detection
Prevents criminals from using your computer to send spam, attack foreign systems, or do other illegal activities.

Parental Control
Allows you to categorize websites by age. Settings can be protected with a password.

Perfect protection for your laptop Eset Smart Security Premium 2022

Lost your laptop? Thanks to GPS tracking, you can find your lost device again.

Tracking your device
When you mark your device as missing on my.eset.com, automatic tracking begins. Using IP addresses and WLANs within range, the laptop's location is determined and displayed on a map as soon as the device comes online.

Computer activity overview
Lets you take pictures automatically with the integrated webcam. Collects screenshots from the missing device and saves all new photos and screenshots to the user's my.eset.com account.

Optimization of anti-theft security
Helps optimize anti-theft security settings and set up Windows user login. ESET also provides guidance on how to refine key system settings to maximize protection.

Get the most out of your PC

Low system load ensures maximum performance and allows you to surf, work and play smoothly. Want to play without interruptions and annoying messages? No problem in gamer mode!

Low system load
Provides optimal performance and extends equipment life. It fits into any system environment and saves internet bandwidth with extremely small update packages.

Player Mode
No messages are displayed or resource-intensive actions are performed while playing games or running full-screen applications (videos, photos, presentations).

    The safest way through the network with Eset Smart Security Premium 2022: Thanks to the firewall, online shopping and home banking remain safe even on public WLAN networks. Caught in the act: antiphishing protects you from fake or manipulated websites. Everything under control thanks to the Anti-Theft function: thanks to the intelligent protection against theft, you can locate a missing laptop and send messages to the finder. Award-winning technology. Fast. precise. Premium features for comprehensive protection LiveGuard Proactively protects you from even invisible threats. Eset Smart Security Premium 2022 Password Manager 

Remember just one password to securely store and share all your passwords across all your devices.
Military-grade encryption

Extra protection for sensitive data and external drives.

Strong payment and privacy
protection Banking and payment protection

Secure shopping and banking through a secure browser.
Firewall, Network Inspector and more

Data, network and webcam access protection.
Parental Control Eset Smart Security Premium 2022

Protect your children online and monitor their activities.

Protect your data and money from digital fraud.
No slowdowns

Enjoy full PC performance without interruptions.
Proactive multi-layer protection

Explore the fascinating world of the Internet, safe from all malware threats.

Get comprehensive internet security today Eset Smart Security Premium 2022

A no-compromise design for users who want it all, including added theft protection and easy password management. Protects Windows, Mac and Android devices. After installation, ESET provides the best protection and gives you a complete overview of your security posture. Using the product is child's play - just a few clicks to install the product, renew licenses and make updates. More than 150 advanced settings are available for special requirements.

Everything at a glance Eset Smart Security Premium 2022
Just one click to get an overview of your protection status and the most important tools. In the event of an alarm, a suitable solution can be found quickly and easily.

Settings for advanced users Eset Smart Security Premium 2022
Allows you to enter extensive settings, such as maximum scan depth, scan time and archive size.

Uncomplicated product
update Update your product as soon as new versions are available to always enjoy maximum security - at no extra cost.

License Manager
Create a free account at my.eset.com and track the status of your licenses and connected devices. Check, manage and organize your ESET installations conveniently through the portal.

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The highest quality products!

You get the highest quality at a reasonable price!

Positive store reviews!

Join the group of satisfied customers!

Positive store reviews!

Join the group of satisfied customers!