Are you having issues with your Microsoft products and can't seem to find the solution on your own? Don’t worry - Microsoft offers a wide range of support options that cater to every user's needs. For those currently located in the United Kingdom, contacting Microsoft UK can be done in several ways. With this handy guide, we’ll provide you with step-by-step instructions on reaching out to Microsoft contact UK and receiving the help you need.

Reaching Microsoft Customer Service UK online

As a company, Microsoft expresses their commitment to providing the highest-quality service to their customers. Whether you need technical assistance or have more general questions about any of their products, Microsoft Customer Service can be a great help. 

The first and easiest method of contacting Microsoft’s customer service is to use available online resources. Microsoft’s website offers a range of materials to help you troubleshoot common issues or get advice on using any Microsoft products. Here’s how to access it:

  1. Visit the Microsoft Support website: Go to to access an expansive base of knowledge, how-to guides, and community forums. This is a great starting point for addressing any problems or questions you may have.
  2. Use the Virtual Agent: If the help articles don’t resolve your issue, you can chat with Microsoft’s Virtual Agent - a bot programmed to answer a wide range of questions. It’s available 24/7, and if it can’t assist you, it will guide you to a human agent.
  3. Request a call or chat: From the Microsoft Support website, you can also request a callback from a human agent at a suitable time, or start a live chat. For more complicated issues that need personalized attention or when everything else fails, speaking with an expert is the best way to solve the issue.

Contact Hotmail Support UK and other services over the phone

If you prefer speaking directly with a support agent, Microsoft also offers phone support for its users. Here’s how to reach it:

  • For general inquiries, call Microsoft UK at 0344 800 2400. Agents are available Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 7 PM, and on Saturday, 9 AM to 5 PM. 
  • For technical support, dial 0800 026 03 30. Be prepared to provide the agent with specific details about your issue, including any error messages you’ve seen and the steps you’ve taken so far to resolve the issue. The more information you can share, the easier it will be to fix your problem.

Outlook (previously known as Hotmail) users might encounter issues that often need immediate assistance. If you’re facing difficulties with your Hotmail account, you can reach out through the contact Hotmail support UK options. You can visit Microsoft’s support website and navigate to the Hotmail/Outlook section. From there, you can search for articles and tutorials that might help resolve your problem.

If you weren’t able to find your answer elsewhere, Microsoft Community is a robust platform where users can share their experiences and solutions. Search for similar problems, and if you can’t find anything, you can post your question there and have fellow users or Microsoft employees answer you.

Looking for support on Microsoft’s social media

Reaching out to your customers where they spend the most time is crucial for modern companies. The company has established several social media channels that can give you real-time support when in need.

You can find Microsoft’s support on Twitter at @MicrosoftHelps. It’s a proactive and responsive channel solely dedicated to customer service. The channel typically responds quickly during their operational hours from Monday to Friday. When contacting them, make sure to provide a concise but clear description of your problem. Remember that Twitter has a character limit, so your messages need to be brief and to the point. 

Microsoft UK also has a strong presence on Facebook. To get support, visit their official page and send a detailed private message outlining your issue. Much like Twitter, the Facebook support team tries to respond to queries during their working hours, and usually provide practical, step-by-step guidance to address your concerns.

Remember, when using social media for support, avoid sharing sensitive personal information publicly. The Microsoft support team will never ask for your password or any other confidential data in a public forum. If in doubt, switch to a private or secure channel of communication.

Finding support in a Microsoft Store

You can also make use of the services offered by Microsoft’s physical locations. This is usually recommended for hardware issues, but the experts present at the location can help you with software-related questions as well.

Simply walk into any Microsoft Store and ask for support. You can visit to find the closest store near you. The Answer Desk is where you’ll find technical support. You can also schedule an appointment online to avoid waiting.

Before you take the trip to the store, make sure to gather all relevant information about your problem. This includes error messages, as well as your device’s model and specification. This will make the support process smoother and quicker.

Finding Office 365 Support Number in the UK

For businesses that use Microsoft 365, making sure everything works smoothly is crucial. If you’re facing any issues with your Office 365 suite, reaching out to the support number might be the best course of action.

The Microsoft 365 Support Number in the UK is 0800 032 6417. Make sure to have your product key and subscription details at hand to speed up the process. The support offers round-the-clock help for business clients to make downtime is reduced to minimum.

Microsoft 365 users can also access self-help resources and engage with the Microsoft community. Microsoft has invested significantly in providing various ways to contact their support teams in the UK. Whether you’re a personal user or a business, the company will make sure your queries are answered as soon as possible.